Wednesday, July 7, 2010

So cute!

I love my boy! He is so much fun! I am so lucky to be able to spend so much time with him as his mommy.
We got him his first baseball hat the other day and he rarely leaves home without it...he'll grab it and say "ha..." (doesn't quite put the "t" on the end yet!)...then he's ready to head out the door.

making funny faces...(oh, his eye is healing after a smack on the coffee table and trip to the ER to be glued shut)


I shot this video the other day when he was in one of his "performing"'s an instant classic!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

David "whistling" and talking

This video was taken about a month ago...sorry. It's hard updating a blog without all the stresses of moving, etc!! I'm really trying to do better...because my kids are awesome and cute and I know their grandparents can't get enough!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

softball season

The girls just finished with their softball season. Although it looks like they are on the same team, they weren't. Alli did the coach pitch level and it was Kimmi's first year of kid pitch.
Alli did awesome in coach pitch...her swing got better and better over the season. She is able to really smack the ball! She also caught a pop fly while she was playing 3rd base...a REALLY rare thing to do at this level!! Her face was priceless!! I only wish we would have gotten it on video...

Kimmi did amazing with her first year of kid pitch! She had to learn a lot of patience this year as the kids aren't that consistent with pitching strikes! (Most of the games were "walk fests"!!) When she did get a decent pitch to hit...she would smack it! Kimmi had the ONLY catch in the outfield this was such an amazing out! She even kept her head in the game by getting the ball right into the pitcher so the runners on base couldn't advance!!...then she pumped her arms and cheered that she caught the ball! It was adorable!

Great season, girls! It's getting more and more fun to watch you both grow as little softball players!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Recent happenings I've gotten a little grief from my mom that I don't blog anymore and just do Facebook instead. So, Mom....these pictures are for you!!

Our new house awaiting us in Oxford!...August 4th, baby!

David brings this ball and glove with him wherever he joke...
(These next few shots I stole from Mom H...but they were too cute to just be on her blog!)

At Alli's softball game

When we say, "get down and ready" this is what he does!

LOVE my boys!!!

Wanting to be in the game...he hasn't quite figured out the glove. It's cute though...

Strawberry picking at a friend's house

The girls were loving it

David's bucket didn't get too full...

..most of them ended up in his mouth and running down his chin!

About a month after Easter, David found a plastic easter egg that the Easter Bunny had hidden. He came to us covered in blue robin egg...why did it have to be blue?? It sure doesn't come off easily!

Fishing with the kids at this great pond we discovered around the corner from our house.

There were mostly blue gill being caught...but Kimmi caught this awesome bass!! (pay no attention to that "thing" on Drew's upper lip...his classmates all grew mustaches when they got job offers, or in Drew's case his acceptance into Ole Miss)

Alli still isn't that keen on holding the fish...(I'm right with ya, Alli!)

Fun at a VT baseball game!! We're sure gonna miss this place!

It's official...Drew has an MBA!

Here are a few pictures from graduation weekend:

Drew's sister, Michelle, made this great banner and I kept it a surprize until the morning of graduation.

My camera isn't the greatest...but he is shaking the President of VT's hand and getting his diploma

It was a miracle we made it through the 3 hr. long ceremony! was like a sauna in there!

Drew's best buddy, Jack Gerdeman

The girls were so proud of their daddy!

Mom, Dad, and Josh came down to attend and have dinner with us afterwards. Jess made the drive to attend the ceremony, but had to leave right after. I think it made Drew feel good to have a few of his family members there...the rest were there in spirit!! (and lucky that they didn't have to sit through that ceremony!!!...ugh!)

Proud parents!

I love this picture!

Congrats, Drew!! We love you!

Friday, March 26, 2010


Drew got accepted into the Management PhD program at Ole Miss!! His offer included full funding for 4 years...which is a big deal because a lot of schools have been hit with budget cuts due to the economy. We are so excited!! Even though this is gonna be a hard, long's going to help Drew obtain the job he's always wanted!! So, watch out come the Hebdons!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We're alive...I promise!

Wow...I am so sorry to all our friends and relatives who read this blog. Life has been nuts lately..(more so than usual!) I'll try to do better...

We've had an interesting winter...Blacksburg has gotten way more snow than normal. In turn, the kids have not had a normal, full week of school since before Christmas break. They are getting pretty stir crazy...thank goodness for the Wii! Kimmi had her first choir concert over the holidays and did such a good job. She has also started on a basketball team and is continuing to love piano. Alli is still loving her first year of piano lessons. She's also taking swimming lessons and is really getting good at a few different strokes. David (16mo) is walking (FINALLY!) and saying several words. He is so active, but also very lovable. He loves to give kisses and is obsessed with balls and doggies. We just started a mommy and me music class which he seems to like too.

Drew is finishing up his final semester in the MBA program and has decided to pursue his PhD afterwards. We have applications in to several schools and are hoping to find out soon where we'll be for the next 4 years of our lives! Although this will be a LONG process, we really feel like it's what we're supposed to do and that Drew will make an excellent professor!

Speaking of school...I have decided to go back to school and finish my Bachelors degree!! I have been wanting to figure out a way for some time now. Recently, BYU-Idaho launched an online degree completion program for former students like myself! So, I decided to go for it! What better time than now when we still qualify for Pell Grants, etc! I'm nervous though...motherhood has sucked most of the "smarts" from my brain!

Well. That's the update. Here are a few pictures and little videos for your viewing pleasure!

David "helping" with the dishes

This was the first of two huge snow storms (possibly 3 by this weekend!..ugh)

Alli and her gingerbread house...keeping busy on a snow day!

Kimmi and her gingerbread house...notice her "front yard"..she's loves to make a whole scene.

My messy, independent way mom is gonna feed me!!