Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fun with a new camera. By Kimmi

This is my first picher I ever took.
This is my 7th birthday cake.These are my puppies. Ech purs has four puppies.
This is my sister slideing down the sters. It is a funny picher.
This is my graet gramdpa Keller's dog, Shery.

After all these years...

he still surprises me! Drew calls me up and asks me to go to this web address...WHAT??! He, of all people, created a blog! Wow! I really thought that I was going to be the one to take the dive for our family! I've hesitated doing this for a while mostly because we're not that interesting, but people seem to want us to do we'll give it a try! I've loved reading other blogs in our family so much. I hope someone will enjoy this! We don't have a "family" digital camera...ours broke quite a while ago. But, Kimmi got one for her birthday so we can kind of share until we get another one. The quality of the pictures won't be the greatest...but it will get the job done. Anyway, I hope through this blog that we'll be able to feel more connected to those we love! It should be fun! Thanks, Drew, for taking the plunge for us! I love you!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

We have a BLOG now!

Five years ago I was working for a cable company in Montana and one of our "tech geeks" told me about his web logging, or "blogging". I remember thinking to myself, "DORK" or "That will NEVER catch on". Here I am creating a blog. It should be known that the only reason I set this up was because I have enjoyed the blogs set up by Mom, Michelle, Jessie, and Megan. I suppose it's also a nice way to keep people updated on the ongoings of our little family. We'll try to keep most of it about the two princesses so as to not bore you too much.

Much love,
Drew (Steph, Kimmi, and Alli too!)