Friday, January 4, 2008

College Bowl Season

So, Drew and I totally love this time of year! You've got Christmas, the New Year, family, food, vacation days...and to top it all football every day! We do this friendly competition every year where we pick the bowl game winners and assign a confidence level to each game. I've won in the past, but this was totally Drew's year! He killed me! (Congrats, babe, on wiping the floor with me!) Anyway, we were hunkered down watching the beginning of the Boston College vs. Michigan State game and this shot came up on tv. Thanks to our DVR, we were able to rewind and pause it so Drew could get a picture. We thought it was so hilarious! He looked so upset...we photo shopped what we thought he must have been thinking at that moment. Funny stuff! Hope everyone tunes in on Monday, Jan. 7th to see the Buckeyes win another national championship! GO BUCKS!