Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Heading down South

Well, it's finally here! In a couple days we'll be heading down to Hokie Nation (Virginia Tech) to start our life in graduate school! We are all really excited for this new experience! Actually, I think Drew is mostly excited and I am mostly scared! There will be a lot of changes, unknowns, and hard times to come but I just have to keep telling myself how worth it it's going to be! The girls seem to be ready for new friends in church and school. I hope they adjust well. We've loved our time in Harrisonburg, especially the time we've been able to spend with Drew's side of the family. They've opened their home to us and helped us out a lot, especially in the last few months! It's been a huge blessing to have lived so close to them for a few years! We won't be too far down the road, so we'll be back to visit a lot! Stay tuned for pictures of our new place and updates of all the interesting changes coming our way!!.... Wish us luck!

We're "jumping" in the rain....

The other day the heavens opened up and the rain was coming down hard. Alli has had a little bit of a fear of the rain lately, so I thought if they played in a summer rain storm maybe it would help her get over her fear. So, they put on their swimming suits and had a great time in the rain! The simple pleasures in life....I love having kids that help me remember them!

4th of July

We had a nice 4th of July this year. We went to a picnic in the morning with Mom and Dad Hebdon's ward. Then we went downtown for some fun at the Children's Museum (thus the painted faces in the pictures!!), listened to some great music and proceeded to get absolutely soaked during the course of the concert!! We went home and changed into dry stuff and then met Mom, Dad, Meg, and Josh to light our own little fireworks and watch Harrisonburg's display too. Despite the weather, we had a really fun time!

Trip to Montana

We went out to Montana to visit my family for a while this summer! We had a blast! We got to see my brother Lewis play Symphony in the Park! (he's one of only two high school students that play in a professional symphony!!) My sister Kristi also got to play a song as part of the Billings Youth Orchestra!

We went to my parents new cabin for a whole week! It was so awesome! We hiked, fished, played in the teepee, played games, went to the Nature Center, watched movies, and relaxed! I think the girls had the best time when Grandma had the idea to turn the hot tub temperature down so they could "swim"! They did it for hours a day!

It was one of the best vacations we've had in a while! Thanks Mom and Dad for such a great time! We wish we could live closer!