Thursday, August 28, 2008

Baby Update

Nothing too exciting....but I went to the Dr. yesterday for a checkup. I am measuring huge (of course)! I'm measuring at 39-40 weeks even though I'm only 34 weeks. The baby's heartbeat is still pretty high up on my tummy, so they're suspecting that he's still breech. We're scheduling a c-section for Sept. 26th. If I go into labor naturally before then, I think I'm opting to still have a c-section. I'm just really freaked out this time around with all the risks of trying to have a VBAC. I'm afraid of needing the emergency c-section. This is a much smaller hospital and they're reaction time in an emergency (the Dr. has admitted..) isn't as fast as bigger hospitals. But, if he remains breech, I won't have a say in the matter. I have an ultrasound scheduled for Sept. 10th to check on the size and position of the baby. Then it's just a waiting game! Either way, we'll have a baby in our arms no later than Sept. 26th! I can't wait! I just hope it goes smoothly! He'll be here before we know it!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Day of School

Well, today is the first day back to school for the girls! They were both nervous and excited to be starting at Margaret Beeks Elementary. We met their teachers on Monday and they are both wonderful! Kimmi has Mrs. Holbrook for 2nd grade and Alli has Ms. Scherer for 1st grade. We've heard so many great things about the school that we feel very fortunate to have moved to this part of Blacksburg! I hope they're doing okay!! (It's hard to not go with them and make sure everything is fine for them this first day!!!)

Drew has been doing orientation this week and classes start for him on Monday. He's been hearing how tough it's going to be and how much they expect from him in this MBA program all week long. He's nervous too, but once he gets into a routine I think he'll be fine. So, I have a month before the baby comes to have my days all to myself! Wow! What am I going to do?! Just kidding...I have more to do than I care to think about before our little guy joins us soon.'s not getting any easier with my gigantic belly...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fun at the Science Museum

We took a trip to Roanoke, about a 30 minute drive from Blacksburg, to visit a Science Museum that was having a free admission day. We had a great time! The exhibits were all very hands-on and kid friendly. The girls had lots of fun! Who am I kidding?...I think Drew had fun exploring, too! The highlight of the day was the "Living River" exhibit. It was a little tide pool that the kids could reach in and touch horseshoe crabs, hermit crabs, sea urchins, starfish, etc. They could have stayed there all day! They're having another free event this coming weekend....hummmm..should we go?!!

The Frog Pond!!

We've been having fun exploring some of the things this area has to offer over the past month. We haven't been able to do a lot of things that cost money, but we were told by a woman in the MBA office at VT that we HAD to go check out the Frog Pond. We were so glad we did! What an awesome place for young kids!!! The girls were in heaven! The majority of the pool is only about 3 feet deep and they have the deeper part roped off really well. The girls could play and jump off the sides so independent of us! It was wonderful! They played "pirate" the whole time because of the island in the middle of the pool with palm trees on it. We're totally going back again! The only down side is they don't offer memberships. Oh well. It's still only about $15 for our family. Not bad for a day of fun!

Home, Sweet Home

Here are pictures of our new place in Blacksburg! It's very different than the house we came from, but we really love it! We are on an end unit, so we only have one neighbor...and as of right now, it's vacant! It's 2 miles from campus and about that far to all of the shopping as well.

The side view of the townhouse....we have a designated parking spot right in front.

Two views of our kitchen. It's not bad for a kitchen in a townhouse, and I'm loving the fact that I have a disposal!!! Yeah!

This is our living room/dining room. I miss having a separate seating area with no tv, but the way we've got it set up is awesome! I'll have to post pictures with some furniture in them soon.

Last, is our humble backyard. This is taking the longest to get used to. The girls feel a little "trapped" since they came from having almost 2 acres of lawn to play on. There is a field across from the side of our place that is a play area, but I feel I need to be out there with them when they play. Oh well. They haven't complained much. Their favorite thing has to be that they have a huge playroom in our walkout basement! More pictures with our stuff in them to come!