Sunday, October 19, 2008

Even with no is good!

We're slowly adjusting to life with an infant in the house again! David is such a good baby! He's very laid back. He doesn't mind when we go places or when the girls hover over him all the time. He still sleeps a lot during the day, which means night time is still "awake" time for him. He's slowly making the shift...we have good nights and not so good nights. I guess that's how things go, right?! The girls have really stepped it up, for the most part! They are such great helpers and little "mommies" to David! They play well with each other, most of the time, so I can do my own thing taking care of David. This coming week will be interesting...our ward is bringing in a couple more meals since my mom left...then I'm on my own! Ahh! Thank heaven for wonderful women who are willing to serve! Drew has been a great help too! I can really tell he loves his boy! And to top it all off...he says he's even got a surprise meal up his sleeve for me in the coming days! Wow! I can't wait!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Homecoming Weekend

This past weekend was Homecoming at Virginia Tech. We decided to participate in a few of the festivities. Drew woke up early and took the girls to the Homecoming Parade with my mom. I decided to stay home because it was chilly that morning and I didn't want David out in it. The girls had a blast. Kimmi didn't want to go at first, but when she came home with a big bag of candy, she was pretty happy she went!

We got David dressed up in his VT onesie with pants that went up to his armpits! He's still so little...Drew got a picture before he went to his tailgate and the football game.
The other thing the girls wanted to do was run in their first race! Kimmi had been asking Drew if she could run with we thought this would be a great chance for both the girls to run with Drew and Grandma. They got nice long sleeve shirts and lots of fun things in their race packets. They did the 1 mile fun run. It turns out it wasn't so "fun" for Kimmi. Drew said she kept saying it was torture throughout the whole race!! (I know what you're feeling, Kimmi!!!) Alli ended up really liking the race and said she had a lot of fun. They divided up the age groups into male/female it turns out that everyone got a ribbon! It made Kimmi's torture a little more worth it! Kimmi and Drew got first place, Alli got second place, and Mom got 3rd place. (we all know that wasn't reflective of Mom's ability since she was running with the girls! She would have blown all the frail 51-60 year olds out of the water!!) Alli also won a nice VT t-shirt during a prize drawing that she has decided to share with Kimmi! We'll see how that goes...Anyway, overall it was a really fun experience for the girls to have. Thanks for paying the entry fees and running with the girls, Mom!

More David Pictures

Here are some more pictures of our little guy...I can't believe how much he's changed already!