Friday, February 27, 2009

Naked time!

Kimmi wanted to take a bath with David. So, they had naked time right before the bath.

Check out that tooshie!! ~Wow~

Fun at the park!

While Drew studies for a final....we go play!! Fun times!

He's so tiny in that baby swing.

First time down a slide...not sure if he liked it..

My baby.. 5 months old! I can't believe it! It's going WAY TOO FAST!
Here is a video of some "Daddy time"...I am soooo in love with David's laugh!
(sorry about the lighting on my camera again)

Swimming fun!

Alli has loved every minute of her swimming lessons! This is the first time she has taken them and she's done so well! Looks like we'll have to sign her up for another session soon! (She wouldn't stand still for me to take a clear picture, sorry.)

I took this video on my phone and it has no zoom...I didn't know they'd be jumping off the diving board!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy 9th Anniversary!!

Years married: 9
Homes lived in: 8
Homes owned: 1
Cars owned: 13
Driven across the country (each way): 14
Moves across the country: 3
Pregnancies: 6
Kids: 3
Surgeries: 4
Emergency room visits: 3
Broken Bones: 0!!
Teeth pulled: 10
Siblings married: 6 (in April)
Nieces/Nephews: 7
Wards lived in: 6
Callings held: 17
Temples visited: 5
Baptisms performed: 1
Colleges attended: 4
Degrees earned: working on #3!
Student loans: $$Thousands$$ (and counting!)
Pounds gained: lots! (but we're working on it...)
T-ball/softball teams: 7
Tents owned: 4
Weirder than normal camping stories/experiences: 6
Fly rods owned: 7 (truthfully...I've lost count!)
Trips taken without kids: 3
Movies owned: 155
Guitar Hero games owned: 4
Concerts attended: 10
Types of professional sports attended: 5
MLB fields visited: 6
Ski trips: 5
Sharing this crazy journey through life (and eternity) with my best friend: PRICELESS!!

Happy Anniversary, babe! I love our life we've created together!