Friday, March 27, 2009

6 months old!

David is 6 months old!
With it has come lots of new things like sitting up well, playing with fun toys, sleeping like a big boy, and of course lots of new things to put in his mouth! This picture was taken after his first experience with a sippy cup! Yes, he did have a bib on...but as you can see, he didn't get much water in his mouth! He's learning, though.

Jess, after seeing your blog, I decided to get one of these food things for David...and man, does he love it! He was occupied for about a half hour! It was so cute watching him discover it!

Here is a video of his "sucking enjoyment"

Six months have sure gone by fast! I can't imagine what our family was without our little guy! He is such a that was worth the wait! Although I get an ache in my heart to see it all go by so fast, it is so great watching him learn and grow. We all love you so much, David!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tybee Time!

Here are some highlights of our spring break trip to Tybee Island in Georgia! We had the time of our lives...and truthfully didn't want to come home! The kids were so great, including David! He just went with the flow...We took walks at sunrise, went swimming in the heated pool, saw some local sights, explored the beach, and took home soooo many shells!! (Anyone know of some good paying jobs opening up next year on Tybee?!)
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