Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kimmi is 9!

I can't believe our oldest kid is 9!! Wow! Time sure flies! Kimmi, you are such a joy in our lives! We love you so much!
Spongebob cupcakes at school...

She requested a dog cake for her birthday this year...but didn't give me any ideas as to what she wanted it to look like. So, I decided to make it look like her Build-a-Bear stuffed dog, Brooke!

She was so surprised...I think she liked it!

The cake was a hit...well...at least the "look" of it was. The coconut didn't go over well with the kids! But Kimmi said it was worth it because she loved the way it looked!
She also had a party at the bowling alley with some of her crazy friends! She had a blast! Here are a few moments from her party.
Pizza, pop, and cake...yum!

Alli bowling

Kimmi bowling

Kimmi's souvenir!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween fun

cute kiddos!

Rose Glittermist the Animal Fairy (aka..Alli...her "talent" is to put golden dots on the chrysalis)

Kimmi is a Halloween Fairy

David is dressed as Winnie the Pooh...who is disguised as a bumblebee so he can get honey!

Haunted House at the VT soccer game

This was Hokie Bird made out of metal and on stilts!! It was pretty cool.

David won second place in the costume contest at the VT volleyball game!! He got a hokie bobblehead, in addition to some other stuff. He was lovin' on that bobblehead!

fun at the volleyball game

Check out the hot man I married!!!

He was a hit...everywhere he went!

It's a good thing he's cute....

...because this kid is into EVERYTHING!!! Maybe I've forgotten, but I really think that David is harder to keep up with than my girls ever were! This boy is crazy! Everytime I turn around, he's getting into something else.

Look at this face...he knows he's getting something he shouldn't!

Kimmi was invited to go apple picking with some friends of hers and she brought home all these little apples...well, I hadn't put them away yet...and David got to them! Every apple had little teeth marks and tiny chunks out of them...

..he also opened cupboards and "put the apples away" for me! I found apples in weird places for several days!

Here's the latest mess...stuffing his face full of Reese's Puffs cereal. Do you think it's time I finished installing those baby latches on the cupboards?!

David's first birthday!!!...(a little late!)

My baby boy is 1!!

opening his presents...

happy little guy

at Grandma Hebdon's waiting for cake

fun with Grandma...at least I think everyone's having fun!..(smile, Alli!)

cake time!...he wasn't very messy..he just kept sucking his hands clean

..that's a little better..

the end result...which caused Kimmi to say, "That wasn't as fun as I thought it was gonna be." I guess you never know how each kid is going to react to the cake eating...

We spent the night in DC to see Grandpa Rawlinson after his convention there! Even though it was a quick visit, it was well worth the trip!