Friday, May 29, 2009

Saying goodbye...

Drew got a job up in DC for the it meant we needed a second car to get him around up there. We just needed something that would last until school starts back up, so we paid $600 for this bad boy! It's an '83 BMW 320i. Drew loves it...I just hope it'll hang in there..., he packed up the car and left on Thursday. He'll be living in DC for 11 weeks!!!..and we'll only be able to see him on weekends..or if we go for a visit. Hopefully the monitary rewards will equal the sacrifice...It ripped my heart out to see him say goodbye to the kids...I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. We miss you already, Daddy!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


We're all about teeth here in our family...someone seems to always be losing one or gaining one lately. I'm sure it'll be this way for a least the girls don't stay awake at night screaming...

(I guess you can't really see David's little tooth very well...I swear it's there.)

chilin' at Kimmi's baseball game

naked time

all clean!

Monday, May 11, 2009

One year to go!

Drew just finished up his last final for the school year! I'm so proud of the things he's accomplished this first year of grad school! He's done an awesome job balancing school, studying, family, church, and a little bit of fun time!! He is pretty hard on himself sometimes when he doesn't do as well as he thought he should...but he's got a 3.5 for his first I'd say he's doing alright! No one in his program has as much on their plate as he does! Awesome job, babe! Let's enjoy the summer...regardless of the bills looming over our heads... Here's looking forward to a great second year and a SWEET UP job contract to sign!! I love you so much!

Baseball...and a baby

Yay! Spring is here...which means baseball in our family! Alli is in her second year of T-ball/coach pitch and is on the A's. Kimmi is in her second year of coach pitch and is on the Rockies. They both love it and are really learning and improving! And, so far, they still like it when mom and dad cheer loudly for them! Go A's and Rockies!

Here are a few pictures and cute videos of David. He's 7 1/2 months old and has been a trooper these last couple weeks as he is teething. He has been sort of fussy, which is a HUGE change because he's normally an extremely happy baby! But he's let us cart him all over the place for baseball games and practices without too much protest! He's the best little guy and we can't wait until those teeth are all the way through! (But I'm really going to miss his "gum smiles"!!)