Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's official...Drew has an MBA!

Here are a few pictures from graduation weekend:

Drew's sister, Michelle, made this great banner and I kept it a surprize until the morning of graduation.

My camera isn't the greatest...but he is shaking the President of VT's hand and getting his diploma

It was a miracle we made it through the 3 hr. long ceremony! was like a sauna in there!

Drew's best buddy, Jack Gerdeman

The girls were so proud of their daddy!

Mom, Dad, and Josh came down to attend and have dinner with us afterwards. Jess made the drive to attend the ceremony, but had to leave right after. I think it made Drew feel good to have a few of his family members there...the rest were there in spirit!! (and lucky that they didn't have to sit through that ceremony!!!...ugh!)

Proud parents!

I love this picture!

Congrats, Drew!! We love you!