Sunday, May 30, 2010

Recent happenings I've gotten a little grief from my mom that I don't blog anymore and just do Facebook instead. So, Mom....these pictures are for you!!

Our new house awaiting us in Oxford!...August 4th, baby!

David brings this ball and glove with him wherever he joke...
(These next few shots I stole from Mom H...but they were too cute to just be on her blog!)

At Alli's softball game

When we say, "get down and ready" this is what he does!

LOVE my boys!!!

Wanting to be in the game...he hasn't quite figured out the glove. It's cute though...

Strawberry picking at a friend's house

The girls were loving it

David's bucket didn't get too full...

..most of them ended up in his mouth and running down his chin!

About a month after Easter, David found a plastic easter egg that the Easter Bunny had hidden. He came to us covered in blue robin egg...why did it have to be blue?? It sure doesn't come off easily!

Fishing with the kids at this great pond we discovered around the corner from our house.

There were mostly blue gill being caught...but Kimmi caught this awesome bass!! (pay no attention to that "thing" on Drew's upper lip...his classmates all grew mustaches when they got job offers, or in Drew's case his acceptance into Ole Miss)

Alli still isn't that keen on holding the fish...(I'm right with ya, Alli!)

Fun at a VT baseball game!! We're sure gonna miss this place!