Sunday, June 27, 2010

David "whistling" and talking

This video was taken about a month ago...sorry. It's hard updating a blog without all the stresses of moving, etc!! I'm really trying to do better...because my kids are awesome and cute and I know their grandparents can't get enough!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

softball season

The girls just finished with their softball season. Although it looks like they are on the same team, they weren't. Alli did the coach pitch level and it was Kimmi's first year of kid pitch.
Alli did awesome in coach pitch...her swing got better and better over the season. She is able to really smack the ball! She also caught a pop fly while she was playing 3rd base...a REALLY rare thing to do at this level!! Her face was priceless!! I only wish we would have gotten it on video...

Kimmi did amazing with her first year of kid pitch! She had to learn a lot of patience this year as the kids aren't that consistent with pitching strikes! (Most of the games were "walk fests"!!) When she did get a decent pitch to hit...she would smack it! Kimmi had the ONLY catch in the outfield this was such an amazing out! She even kept her head in the game by getting the ball right into the pitcher so the runners on base couldn't advance!!...then she pumped her arms and cheered that she caught the ball! It was adorable!

Great season, girls! It's getting more and more fun to watch you both grow as little softball players!